Simple Steps for Impeccable Installation of Insulation Board

Preparation is the key to ensure impeccable installation of an insulation board. How well you know your needs will influence your choice. The insulation board you choose will determine the efficacy over the years. Plan well and you will have no issues throughout the process. Here are a few simple steps for impeccable installation of insulation board.

• Always measure the space more than once. You can measure it twice and you may get someone else to measure it as well just to be sure. You need the insulation board to fit snugly. This is quite hard. The measurement is not as simple as using a tape and rounding off to the nearest inch or centimetre.

• You may consider framing the space. You must have enough space for the insulation board to fit snugly but you must not have more space than necessary as then the boards will simply fall. You must also ensure there is no moisture or air in the space. Framing can help mitigate and even resolve this issue.

• Always use a ruler and then cut the insulation board. Using scissors is an unwise practice. The cut should be absolutely clean. There should not be any creases or unevenness along the sides or edges. The whole cut should be immaculate.

• You must consider using a vapor barrier. An insulation board will work much better when it is effectively protected from mould. If you can keep moisture out, you can effectively prevent mould. This is quintessential for people living in a humid region.

• You should clean the area before the installation. You must use an adhesive if you are installing the boards on cement walls. You cannot use cement or mortar to adhere the boards to the hard walls. Nailing the boards in is not really a solution as you are basically damaging the material and reducing its ability to insulate.