Commercial Screed

A commercial screed is a useful tool as it allows an individual to even a large surface out. This is an important process in creating a beautiful floor that is something to be proud of, simply because if a Screed hasn’t levelled out an uneven surface then it is going to be extremely easy to notice. Since the demand for Screeds is relatively high, it is no surprise that there are many companies offering a commercial Screed.

Thinking about fixing that uneven surface but unsure how to use A Screed? Not to worry, as there are many commercial screed services that will happily help with whatever surface that you are unhappy with. It is not recommended to try and screed a floor if you lack experience and not confident in the process as it is easy to do more harm to your floor than good, which would result in an individual spending even more money just to fix it.

There are generally two different methods offered from commercial screed companies, base/renovation screeds and thin topping screeds. Thin topping is different than renovation screed as the layer of screed isn’t as thick and doesn’t go as deep as renovation screed. Base Screed involves putting screed over existing layers so that the surface has a high chance of being level so that the final floor layer can be put down.

Most commercial screed companies are flexible in how an individual wants their screed to be done and will almost always offer a quote if an individual asks for one. An example of what to expect and know when inquiring about hiring a commercial screed company is the type of screed you are after, the size of the area you are wanting worked on, thickness of the screed, as well as any other additional information you think is important for the company to know. Generally if you know this information then the rest of the company will be able to do the rest.