Choose Renders to Prevent Damp Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Renders have become a popular choice among homeowners across the country. In its primitive years, K Rend was mostly chosen by homeowners who wanted to renovate their properties. In recent years, it has become an almost default option for new properties as well. There are many benefits of silicone renders. The aesthetic advantages are obvious. The sheer range of colours and textures make it easy for even the most stringent homeowners who are acutely particular of every little detail. Such renders also add to the perceived and actual financial value of a house.

Renders can weatherproof a house. It can also solve the problem of damp. Anyone who has had to deal with damp walls, floors and ceilings will know how daunting the challenge is. It is difficult to prevent damp and it is quite complicated to keep a house damp proof after taking some effective steps. One of the ways the renders can prevent damp in your home is by making the external walls breathable. When you do not have breathable exteriors, there is a possibility of moisture getting trapped. The vapour does not get to dissipate outside and there is a sustained buildup.

Renders can make walls breathable so trapped moisture can escape. Moisture is not only a concern when it rains or there is visible water. Any leakage in the plumbing system or poor weather-stripping will definitely worsen a damp problem and may even cause it but trapped moisture in the form of humidity is also a common cause in millions of homes. This humidity can be better regulated with breathable exterior walls. Choose silicone renders, beautify your home, protect the property from weathering, resolve the damp problem and prevent its recurrence in the future.