Brick Slips are an Aesthetic and Practical Choice

Brick slips can be installed on exterior and interior walls. Brick cladding is popular across the world, not just for aesthetics but also for practical reasons. Brick slips are more affordable than some of the premium materials but they do not look any inferior. In fact, many homes and even commercial spaces look more trendy or cool and sophisticated or classic with brick cladding, albeit depending on the exact colour, texture and size of the brick chosen.

Brick slips come in more than one size. The typical thickness is two centimeters but you will get different sizes such as 190mm by 20mm by 50mm, 210mm by 20mm by 50mm, 190mm by 20mm by 65mm, 210mm by 20mm by 65mm and 240mm by 20mm by 70mm. The sizes make way for reasonable versatility if you were to choose varying dimensions for the exterior and interior walls or for cladding in different rooms.

One of the major advantages of such a solution is the limited space required for the cladding. Not every room is sprawling. Not every building has substantial room for the exterior walls to don any type of cladding. There are building codes to consider. You also need to ensure as much of the interior space is available as it is possible with the chosen installations. Being two centimeters thick, slightly more or less depending on the actual size variant you pick, there is virtually no impact on the available space inside a room. The solution does not violate any building code either.

Applying brick slips is a simple exercise. There is no need to alter any aspect of the exterior or interior wall. There is neither a special nor an expensive prepping needed. The aesthetic enhancement and the practicality of the solution have made it a globally popular choice for exterior cladding and interior d├ęcor.