Commercial Screed

A commercial screed is a useful tool as it allows an individual to even a large surface out. This is an important process in creating a beautiful floor that is something to be proud of, simply because if a Screed hasn’t levelled out an uneven surface then it is going to be extremely easy to notice. Since the demand for Screeds is relatively high, it is no surprise that there are many companies offering a commercial Screed. Continue reading “Commercial Screed”

How to Choose the Right Type of Tile Fixings

Every homeowner needs the right type of tile fixings. Any kind of tile needs fixers and adhesives. It is not just mosaics or patterned tiles that individually contribute to a larger design that rely on fixers and adhesives. Also, it is not just the floor tiles that require fixings and adhesives. Tile fixings are quintessential for counter tops, back splashes, bathtubs and washbasins among others. Any type of wall tile or dado requires fixings or fixers and adhesives too. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Type of Tile Fixings”

Quintessential Attributes of External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is often considered to be more effective than other insulation systems. The external cladding, which may be decorative too, can basically prevent the walls from getting unusually warmed up or too cold and hence there is a consequential impact on energy consumption. If walls do get heated up or excessively cold then drywall insulation or other systems do fail to offer impeccable thermal proofing. External wall insulation can be of mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, phenolic foam or polyurethane foam. There may be reinforced cement, plaster, synthetic or mineral finish. Continue reading “Quintessential Attributes of External Wall Insulation”